What makes Amur Capital unique?

To investors interested in preserving capital, earning a consistent annual return, and limiting volatility; Amur Capital’s product shelf has an ideal investment vehicle for a variety of risk tolerances for the following reasons:


Attractive Risk-Return Profile

Proven track record of positive returns and consistent income stream with limited volatility. Depending on suitability Amur Capital can offer an attractive long-term investment vehicle. This is achieved by maintaining a selection of mortgage portfolios to choose from based on risk tolerance, each of which is secured by Canadian real estate and a strong alignment between underwriting policy and investment policy.


Favourable Tax Treatment

Mortgage Investment Corporations are “Flow-Through” investments. As such, 100% of its profits are distributed to its shareholders. Furthermore, shares in all 3 product offerings are eligible investments for RRSP, RRIF & TFSA plans.


No Upfront Commissions Charged on the Original Investment

As an EMD, Amur Capital has the ability to take money directly in from investors on behalf of the MICs. As such, 100% of the investor’s capital gets placed in the selected MIC (with no upfront transaction fees or trailer fees).


Consistent Stream of High-Quality Mortgages

Each MIC’s Financial Services Agreement maintains a consistent stream of high-quality mortgages to provide an above average return in comparison to their peers.