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Offering Canadian investors with a Simpler Approach to Investing

Amur Capital Management Corporation is a registered Exempt Market Dealer acting as the capital raising and investor relations arm of its related entity, Amur Financial Group. Since 1984, Amur Capital’s offerings have been providing Canadian investors with stable historical returns and have never posted a negative return even during the worst economic climates.

With capital raising abilities in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Sashatchewan and Nova Scotia, Amur Capital professionals focus on providing clients with a unique and easy experience in a market that is foreign to many Canadians. Additionally, our MICs have relationships with third-party dealers to offer investors in other provinces access to these funds. Our fund offerings provide a truly diversified approach to alternative investments that maximize yield and capital preservation through our unique origination strategy. By offering a range of conservative, income, and high yield funds, we are able to cater our services to the needs of every individual client. Amur Capital’s vision is to be a leader in innovation, prudent governance, and relentless pursuit of excellence for our stakeholders.