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Amur Capital Management Corporation

Amur Capital is focused on providing investors with access to professionally-managed private investment funds. Each of Amur Capital’s current fund offerings are Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) which provide stable returns from portfolios of mortgages across Canada. Amur Capital’s related MICS are: Manchester Investments Inc., Ryan Mortgage Income Fund Inc., and Blue Stripe Financial Ltd. Amur Capital is registered in the province of British Columbia and Alberta as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) and is licensed to issue exempt market securities in those provinces. For residents outside of these provinces, our MICs have relationships with third-party dealers to provide access to these funds.


Our Funds

Manchester Investments Inc. is our most conservative fund focused primarily on low LTV first mortgages. Target return +7.00%.

Manchester Fund Fact Sheet

Ryan Mortgage Income Fund Inc. is focused on a portfolio of first and second residential mortgages with some exposure to commercial mortgages. Target return +9.50%.

RMIF Fund Fact Sheet

Blue Stripe Financial Ltd. targets residential mortgage investments that offer high return potential by focusing on smaller mortgages with higher LTV ratios. Target return +13.00%.

Blue Stripe Fund Fact Sheet

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